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New Organizing

Through the Union Power campaign, New York City DSA is amplifying the wave of union organizing that is sweeping the country. Our goal is to help workers become members of unions, either by organizing their workplace or finding strategic union jobs. 

With the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee (EWOC), we are helping workers stand up for their rights, improve working conditions, and unionize their workplaces. EWOC hosts organizer trainings and provides one-on-one advice to workplace organizers. If you are interested in unionizing your workplace, check out the EWOC website. For other, you can help us connect workers with the appropriate resources.

For those looking for a job, or maybe a career change, the jobs pipeline helps people find strategic rank-and-file jobs where they can help organize the workplace or be a member of the existing union. The pipeline focuses on so-called strategic industries, like logistics, transportation, healthcare, education, and communication. In these industries, workers’ labor is vital to the functioning of the economy and our society, so the potential for leverage is high.This practice, sometimes known as salting, has been successful in many union victories, including Starbucks.