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Labor Solidarity means workers showing up to support other workers, on the picket line and beyond. This campaign will focus on getting people to attend pickets and rallies, as well as raising money to support strike funds.

In collaboration with DSA elected officials, District Organizing canvasses aim to facilitate conversations with neighbors, where we can learn about the issues facing community members and help them get in touch with people who can help.

The Secure Jobs Act is a New York City Council bill that would require employers to give a “just cause” for firing workers. Union Power is working with a coalition of workers’ groups to pass this legislation and end the current system that allows arbitrary and unjust firings.

For workers interested in joining a union, the New Organizing campaign offers support and guidance in two ways: Workers seeking to unionize their current workplace can connect with EWOC (Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee). Those who are looking for work (or a career change) can get plugged into the strategic rank-and-file jobs pipeline.